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Winter Picnic in Suburbia

As many of you might have noticed, I don’t include my kids in my posts.  That, however, is about to change—a little bit.  I want to keep my little ones safe from creepy people.  And because none of y’all are creepy, I’m going to post their pictures here and share with you about a little experimental picnic we had this winter. 

Winter in Northern California can be a little chilly, windy and rainy, but no snow.  Those of you in other parts of the country may scoff at us and call us softies, but occasionally, we do complain.  This post is not a complaint.  But, um, we were cold…picnic.m.frisbee

We are enrolled in afternoon preschool (thanks to a generous family scholarship fund) but my husband had a doctor’s appointment scheduled an hour before drop-off.  We have one car and two places to be.  So the kiddos and I dropped dear ol’ dad off at the doctor’s and then cruised down the street into the old ‘hood where I grew up.  It’s located right near a golf course and a gated community—to keep out the ‘riff-raff’ like us.picnic.crow.canyonsign

The sign here even says we’re not technically welcome to picnic on this narrow patch of grass, but the neighbors walking their dogs didn’t seem to mind— it helps to have a few cute kids with you.

picnic.bne.earsSo, anyhow, we brought a container of raspberries, water bottles, some string cheese, and a bag of pretzels and called it lunch.  The little ones looked adorable in their matching hoodies (check out the ‘ears’ on top!) and the oldest did her best to keep warm and not lose the Frisbee in the gale that was blowing.  We lasted about 20 minutes before we decided to pack everything back up in the car and wait for in the parking lot for Daddy to be done.
It wasn’t a picture worthy of golden-memory status, but it’s the sense of adventure that counts.


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