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dazzling and interesting on a shoestring

Links to Those I Love and Adore

NOTE: This page is still a work in progress as I scramble around to find the links, time to write and just the right (write?) words to describe each of these loverly sites appropriately.  Wouldn’t it be loverly if I had more time?  Just bear with me.  There will be more to adore in the future.

Intentional Jane
This lovely lady is not only a thoughtful, candid and inspiring woman but she is my friend!  Our oldests actually used to play together until she moved far, far away…well, twenty minutes away and then I moved and with small kids it’s just too far, but with blogs, well it’s just like being practically next door.
But I digress– the point is that Jane is a great source of wisdom about what it’s like (and not like, you know, perfect) to be a stay-at-home-working-mother.  She is also, and not least importantly, a passionate freedom fighter for those women and children who are in the grips of modern slavery.  Don’t for a minute think that slavery is a thing of the past– Jane will school you and help you do a little something or a lot to make a difference to enslaved people all over the world.

Posey Gets Cozy
Oh sigh… I love these pictures– the charm, the romance, the quilting, the calico and the candlelight.  Not to mention that her little girl is within a few months of the age of mine and I love to watch her bloom as a sort of mirror to my own children whom I can’t see grow in quite the same way since I’m too immersed in their lives.
This is a blog I bookmark for a time when I have mad sewing skills and time to quilt.  But for now I save and savor the posts for when I can sit down, preferrably with a warm beverage at my side.

Small Things
This mother of 7 (?!) is an inspiring homeschooler, knitter, and crafty/handy woman that speaks poetically and honestly about her faith, her troubles, her accomplishments and even the odd recipe or two.  She reads a lot, which I can relate to and I enjoy picking titles out of her reading lists.  I will never in a million years knit like her, but every Wednesday she invites readers to join her for her two favorite things– reading and knitting– on a knitters’ site called Ravelry.  Too complicated for me, but hopefully an undiscovered gem for one of y’all.
Anyhow, Ginny’s writing is really lovely and there are times it brings me to tears.  Her photographs of her farm in rural Virginia, of a professional caliber, inspire romantic and tragic novels to write in all my spare time.

This mom, writer, podcaster and organizer extraordinaire is so enthusiastic and encouraging that it might be nauseating if she weren’t so down-to-earth.  She’s sensible about finances, a go-getter without advocating steamrolling and she takes sweet, simple photos of her kids.  Kelsey tosses in the odd recipe and parenting how-to (for moms and dads) and even shares her monthly goals with her readers.  I could never do that– it would be a messy phone-shot of a stack of scribbled to-do lists, most of which would not be checked off.  So  go check her out and see how someone rises and shines, motivates and organizes all with a big, easy-going smile on her face.


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